Siege Campaign

A Day of Prayer and a Day of Fighting

days 6 and 7

Day 6

I fear I may have caused harm where I meant none. I spent the whole day praying, fasting, and preaching. I reminded the people that Bahamut is with us, and that we were the force he would use to bring about victory over the Empire. Though I spent the day looking for an answer from Bahamut, I did not receive one. I think I now know why.

At some point in the afternoon, Friday came to me and asked if I would come with them to fight a remnant of the Talons of Tiamat. I told him to go and that I was spending the day in prayer. Perhaps by his unchanging will or directly because I did not go, Nazir died. I spent the whole day seeking a word from Behamut for myself and seem to have missed the words meant for me.

The man who killed Nazir (apparently his former commander) is being held by the city guard. I’ll have to remember to ask Captain Iver if he would like my help interrogating him.

Day 7

Nazir’s body disappeared last night. Friday fell asleep outside the temple and tells me that the body was not removed. Though being as he is such a deep sleeper, it might have happened.

Somehow the Empire got through the gazebo and took possession of the watch tower in the north. Sami landed on top of the tower and protected the bellmen while Friday, Gorrin, Tuuli, Lewyth, the Kyton and I went in the bottom. The forces were easily defeated save for the one who is not…called himself “The Thrice Risen.”

I feel I may be slipping into a leadership role; I’ll have to apologize to Sami.
I am still unsure about the Kyton but ….I am growing to understand him.
Gorrin is in it for himself, and once this is over I fear what will happen with him. Deputy Mayor Elspeth may trust him, but I am sure he is wrong to do so.

Tuuli defeated “The Thrice Risen” in a way I will never fully understand. I tapped into…. I am sure I will be punished for it.



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