Siege Campaign

Day 8

Lunch to the Evening

I gathered my “allies” to the municipal housing. Arn Foehammer, (the Representatives of the Priests), Lewyth, Saamiyah, Viga Gorrin, Esili, Oswin (Captain of the Winterhold Guards), and Naya. I had not intended to invite Naya, but as she was with our party. I figured this best plan was to have her come along so she would be on the same page. I invited Oswin because I needed someone to take command of the guards after we routed the evil in the ranks. when every one arrived I told them about the intercepted assassination order aimed at Arn Foehammer. I then showed them written evidence of Finwick Iver’s involvement as an imperial spy. I told them I picked up the fist note as if to read another’s prayer, but this was of course the shallowest lie i could have told. Yes, the location of acquisition was the same as reality, the base of the Statue of Bahomit, but I could not tell them of my informant. I could not let her be discovered for fear of one of the present reporting to her to Iver. Oswin and Esili refused to even consider Iver as a spy. Saamiyah, Lewyth and Naya were willing to consider it with more evidence. Viga Gorrin did not side with one side or another, hopefully this means he has an open mind. Oswin refuted my evidence as meaningless and Esili claimed it could have just been a prayer. I realize I set myself up for that, but that is how it must remain. Arn offered to have his men look after Iver. the party accepted this offer. I entreated Oswin and Esili not to tip off Iver, I hope they don’t. We moved on to other business.
We now seem to be hunting down one criminal for another criminal. I admit secret access to the outside would be good, but consolidating the underworld in the possess does not seem good. Saamiyah and I were sent to the crafter’s district to speak with a weapon salesmen that our target had done bossiness with. with a little bit of flirting Saamiyah found out that our target had been their and that he bought a very expensive sword. Using the chain of a Nunchaku, I looked back to see our target, a very human Half-orc. He was buying a sword with an eye shaped gem in the handle. I also saw he was wearing very nice armor made from a somewhat familiar “animal” hide. Saamiyah and I took our information and returned to the municipal housing to meet with the others.

Matthew’s conceptualizations about the case thus far:
Kleran has had a windfall from the Temple of Tiamat. (Uncut gems are a very Draconic currency). Tiamat being a dragon goddess would likely have any of these in her coffers. They are possibly working with the empire to destabilize the city from inside. The sword and the Summoning Circle both indicate lower planer involvement. Though the Circle’s silver outline could be any lower plane, the eye gem on the sword suggest Baator or Carceri. As the funds are likely coming from Tiamat, and Tiamat makes her lair on the fist layer of Baator, then Baator seems the more likely choice. As to what was summoned, I don’t know. Given the nature of the sword it is probably a large humanoid fiend of a big Proxy of Tiamat or Set. As it has already been summoned it has to be a being that can blind in or that they can hide easily.
All of the lesser and least Baatazu are too weak to be of any use to the unrest of the city. An erinyes would be the only useful Lesser Baatezu, and it is possible that the false Charack was one of this kind. If a sufficient hide out was found than any of the greater Baatazu would be possible. Given the greater fiends’ gating powers, one that has been in the city for the last seven days could have a sizable army. The second to worst case scenario is that a Pit Fiend has been brought it. the fire damage to the Summoning Circle gives credence to this theory. The sword stands against this as pit fiends do not normally use swords. If the pit fiend was summoned, then most of us will likely die. The worst possible scenario is if a named Baatazu was called. If that is the case than we WILL all die. If it is however a Proxy of either god, then it will be much easier. The Proxy will be quite strong, but an organized attack will finish him. this is evidanced in that Lycom Ed Ese, son of Dio Med Ese, killed a proxy almost single-handedly at 5th lvl. regardless of the threat I expect our party to overcome the threat, as long as we stick together and stay sharp



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