Siege Campaign

Day 9 - From Saamiyah's Journal

Betrayal. So this is what it feels like to lose a friend. I trusted that demon, though others warned against it. I thought to myself, “How can I judge him for his appearance when I have so often felt the sting of judgment from others?” How ironic is it that the one who so greatly warning me against trusting a demon was in fact a demon herself? Still, I suppose I should have listened. I do not have many friends. In fact, Hadi is my only true friend it seems. But I was starting to think of John, Esili, and Friday as my friends. After my talk with Naya, I had come to like her as well. I should have known better. An outcast like me can’t have friends. My own mother shipped me off. After John turned on me (and, I might add, turned quite brutally) all I felt was fire in my gut. I blamed that witch at first; turning all of my anger against her. But once they were gone, I was able to realize that John had probably always been against us. At least I was able to pull Esili from that void, and Friday as well. Once I was sure the fighting was over, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I hurt everywhere but most of all it hurt that I couldn’t ask John why. Hadi heard me and came to take me back to the city. It was selfish of me not to make sure the others made it back safely, but I couldn’t stand them seeing me cry. I told Hadi to take me back to our rooms, that we were leaving immediately, but that stubborn ass told me I had to at least get some healing before he would take me anywhere, and I was in no condition to fly back. That’s where I am now, at the Lady Tree. Some priests have done what they can for my physical ailments. Funny, I never paid attention to the music before. It’s actually quite nice.



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