Siege Campaign

Naya's Journal

Day Eight

I hit the deck running today. Right off the ship and into the council chambers. General Charack’s message was received with confusion, since apparently they’ve had an imposter posing as the man for several months. There was also discussion with one of their council members—who is apparently a known criminal—about bringing in a member of the criminal underworld. Understandably, Captain Iver is greatly against this. I’m not 100% on the idea myself, even after the meeting with this character. He seems like he’s mostly just using us to further his own gains, but I can’t argue that he’s got access to something we need to protect the city: access to the outside in a clandestine manner.

This council is a weird group. And that’s saying something, considering the groups I’m used to working with. They’ve got a hot-headed genasi, a really tiny tiefling (who I’m totally okay with; I’m more likely to trust her than…pretty much anyone else), a known gang leader, a wizard and…oh, right, a freakin’ KYTON. I really don’t know who thought this was a good idea for maintaining the defense of the city, but I can’t see it ending terribly well. If they don’t trust me, I don’t blame them. The infighting in this group is epic and I’ll admit that I’m not helping much. I’m torn between trying to maintain order and some semblance of political balance and wanting to poke the genasi to see her puff up like a pretty little toad.

We decided to meet with Gorrin’s mob boss, Caerwyn. He’s a drow with understandably refined tastes. Everyone was expecting a trap, even me, but I figured that the best way to deal with someone unpredictable was to fall back on ceremony. I stuck to proper etiquette and he seemed to respond in kind. The wine wasn’t poisoned, but it was way too fruity for my tastes. I haven’t seen good sake since I was home last and, honestly, I kind of miss it. He seems like the kind of criminal who’s looking out for his own best interests, which definitely don’t include letting the Empire walk all over Shadow. I don’t trust him to be a good man, but I suspect he’ll be a man of his word, especially if we treat him with respect and fulfill our end of the bargain.

After our meeting with Caerwyn, we spent some time doing our own thing. I worked out for a while and noticed that Iver seems to be up to something. There was a lot of training happening there with a very specific group wearing a different shield sigil from the town watch. I wonder what’s going on and I have to admit that I’m a little bit worried. The infighting isn’t going to stop and he seems to be part of it.

We got back together later and split into groups to follow some leads on our new target, a man by the name of Kleran who seems to be trying to undermine Caerwyn’s authority. I teamed up with Gorrin, who basically just walked all over a locked door to speak with a drug dealer like it was nothing. He hadn’t seen Kleran recently, but said he’d been down to a nearby brothel in the company of one of their bouncers. We stopped by to talk with her (a tiefling with very notable horns) and she said the slug’s been to the temple of Tiamat. This is really not good. I want to get together with everyone else before we make a move on that place and compare notes on what the others found.

((Notes Adannaya wouldn’t know: Kleran’s been paying for everything in uncut gems and making a lot of high-ticket purchases, including brand new armor. There’s a lot of money coming from somewhere and it’s worth considering who he’s working for and why they don’t want their presence to be easily traceable. The Empire obviously can’t pay him in Imperial coinage, so uncut gems seem like a pretty good option. But what’s he been doing for them? And how will that affect the security of the city? It’s possible they already know about the tunnels we’re paying Kleran’s life to gain access to, which could be a problem when we go to use them.))



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