Siege Campaign

Naya's Journal 2

Day Eight - Evening

So, tracking down Khleran wasn’t exactly an easy proposal. The bouncer at the brothel lied to us about his being at the temple of Tiamat, but she also lied about it to a really haughty piece of work from Sigil. If I’d been thinking about it, I should have given him Saamiyah’s room number. They would have gotten along well.

After some gently-applied force, the liar gave up the actual location of our target and Lewyth and I went to join Saamiyah and John at Burke’s pawn shop. We didn’t find them at first, so Lewyth went around the back and I went in to talk to Burke. He didn’t respond well to my innocent routine (why does no one believe me when I try to play innocent?), so I tried to kick my way into his back room. Around the time I managed to bounce myself through his door, he tried to get out the back and John knocked him out and tied him up. We found a trap door and went down, leaving a message in chalk for Esili so she could follow us, whenever she caught up.

We found a set of tunnels that seem to run all under the city, including one that leads outside the wall. We also found Khleran and his cronies, who weren’t as harmless or as dragonborn as they seemed at first. He had four barbazu! It was the kind of battle that was both terrifying and exhilarating, especially once I realized what we were fighting against. Hachiman guided my swords well, though we came close to losing John and Lewyth spent most of his time running interference (and in circles around the room). We had sent Saamiyah out to get help earlier, which was really a mistake. She’s full of herself, but she’s no slouch in a fight and we could have used her help. Esili eventually did show up, just in time to see a true blessing of Hachiman.

A true blessing. He couldn’t stay, though.

So, now it’s clean-up time. And then, out to meet the enemy. We will smite them where they stand!



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