Siege Campaign

The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

Day 9

From the Journal of Elion Wyrmfang

My forces spent the day in tense readiness. While a small detachment of Imperial soldiers went north toward what was once the lumberjack camp, the remainder seemed to be resting from their march to New Sandrith. Only a few stood sentry throughout the day, indicating to me that they do not fear a preemptive attack on our part. I fear now more than ever that they have a reasonably accurate assessment of our somewhat scant forces. Given the apparent betrayal of General Charak, it’s not hard to imagine how they obtained such a clear picture.

I have been suspicious of treachery almost since I arrived here. The followers of Tiamat were an obvious choice to help the Imperial forces from within the walls, but the nature of our failures indicates to me that we have a leak much closer to the Defense Council. Captain Iver’s loyalties were brought into question, and while the unholy symbol of Hextor found in his possession will cast him in a suspicious light in the eyes of many, I feel his murder may exonerate him. More than we know has transpired around Iver, but that is a matter for Themis to investigate after the siege has been repelled.

If the siege is repelled, that is. While we’ve dealt the Empire a few minor blows, we’ve mostly just been fighting to not lose the city before they even breach the walls. Much of the population has already evacuated, either off-world or to Shadow Proper. With so few able-bodied fighters available and so little morale among the populace, we were always fighting an uphill battle. I wonder if my efforts would not have been better spent elsewhere.

I await word from our forces in the field attempting to neutralize the Imperial golem. Reports from the wall say that the golem disappeared shortly after our forces departed, and neither sight nor sound can be detected from that area now, even with the aid of darkvision. My hope is that they were so wildly successful as to have stolen or destroyed the golem with that little commotion, but I fear something less decisive is more likely.

We can reasonably expect an Imperial attack tomorrow morning. If they cannot invade the city and close the port by nightfall, then we’ve as good as won when our reinforcements from Shadow Proper arrive. If we’re given enough time tomorrow, then I’ll introduce Elspeth‘s forces to Iver’s Magekillers, as Iver won’t be making use of them now. I’m proud of the team that Elspeth and I assembled, and I feel that they would be capable of overcoming almost any challenge. It remains to be seen if this is the exception.



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