Johnathan Robert "John" Kyton

A space fairing kyton seeking a new home


A 6 foot tall man with wiry red-brown hair. He is dressed in chains from his neck to the tips of his feet and hands. Imposing and a little unnerving, he is generally of a good disposition. His weapon of choice is a flailing chain. He chooses to wield one in each hand. He prefers tea to coffee, and dislikes confined spaces. His favorite place to be is out in space, in an open plain or on mountain cliffs. His taste in music is for soft metallic sounds, like a wind chime in a light breeze or the music of a xylophone. He prefers the taste of meat and hearty breads, but will eat other foods if necessary. As to alcohol he is stringent in his use of it, only using it to make the water he consumes drinkable.


An Auto-Biographical History from John Kyton

“I have sailed so far through lands never before seen by my people. I have soared above wolds full of amazing things. I have seen a thunder storm that spanned an entire planet. I have seen worlds made of nothing but water. I have been to places where Humanoids are considered alien. I have traveled all my life, seeking a home. Somewhere to belong. Somewhere to call my own. I have discovered this planet. The people are trustworthy, and the land is fertile. I would gladly settle here, and I will gladly defend it with my life.”

Johnathan Robert "John" Kyton

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