Saamiyah Abdur-Rashid

A blue-skinned Air Genasi Fighter/Wizard




Saamiyah Abdur-Rashid is from the Desert planet Khamsin. She is the only child of Buthaynah (her mother). Buthaynah had a one-time intimate encounter with an air djinni named Naseem. Naseem never knew Buthaynah became pregnant from their encounter and left the next day, never again seen by Buthaynah. Buthaynah had to leave her village or risk being stoned to death for having premarital intercourse. She left her village and was welcomed into the Ashad Village on the edge of the desert. When Buthaynah gave birth to Saamiyah, a blue skinned child, the village Shaman told her that Saamiyah must be dedicated to the service of their god, when she came of age. When Saamiyah turned 13, she left her village to serve their god and to train with a martial arts and magic master on the mountain. When she was 20 years old, she left the mountain to join the Platinum Knights. She then traveled the world with her Pegasus companion, Hadi. Saamiyah is now 24 years old and has decided it is time to see the rest of the universe. She has just arrived to the city of New Sandrith.

Saamiyah Abdur-Rashid

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