Viga Gorrin

A massively powerful fighter with epic strength and stamina. Well-connected, commander of a small force, but a bit of a unitasker. Also capable of breathing acid. Looking to kill some folk? Look no further.


A black dragonborn and the namesake and leader of the Black Scarves, one of the street gangs that battle for territory in New Sandrith. Like several other dragonborn, he got a taste for war during the uprising to free his people. Now that the war is over, he still needs to pick a fight with someone, and New Sandrith has proven the perfect place to do it. From one of the more rural areas of Shadow in his youth, Gorrin spent the first part of his life scratching out a meager living and battling the elements. His strong will and endurance have made him the ideal soldier. He and his gang are occasionally contracted by the local crime syndicate, and Gorrin himself works as a bouncer in the Troll’s Lair.

Gorrin lv.6 dragonborn barbarian LN (Kord)

Str. 20 Dex. 13 Con. 17 Int. 12 Wis. 11 Cha. 15

AC: 6
HP: 62
Thaco: 15+3+1
Club: 3/2; 1d4+8+2(+1 if wielded in two hands)
Chain Mail

Weapon Proficiencies: Club (SP), Two-hander Style Specialization, Unarmed (SP), Two-weapon Style Specialization, 1 remaining

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Intimidation, Iron Will, Crude Weaponsmithing, Direction Sense, Survival, Dirty Fighting

Special Ability – Dragonbreath: Once per day, Gorrin may breathe a bolt of acid 5’ long for 2d8 points of acid damage. Those struck may save vs. breath weapon to halve damage received.


Viga Gorrin

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