Siege Campaign

Day 6

From the Journal of Elion Wyrmfang

At this morning’s Defense Council meeting, John reported that the Imperial troops were most adversely affected by his destruction of the bridge at Aluren’s Crossing. Not only will it stop them from moving their supply wagons and any siege weapons they possess north of the river, but he believes many of their troops were on the bridge when he detonated it. Though no bodies have been found in the river or bay thus far, it is possible that the stone bridge created a blockade upriver that prevents anything as large as a man from floating as far as New Sandrith. I look forward to hearing from Captain Iver’s scouts when they return today with a new figure regarding the number and disposition of the Imperial forces.

Also of importance were the magnifying crystals that Tuuli used to such effect in the rout of the canyon reinforcements. In a manner that was not fully disclosed to me and involved no fewer than 15 members of the Watch storming Acaelus‘s house, Elspeth’s and my team was able to acquire the aid of the Wizards of the Coast in procuring the spell crystal. Their aid will be valuable in many more aspects of the city’s defense, and however their help was acquired, I couldn’t be happier to finally have them on board.

Our victories have not been without cost, however. A native son of New Sandrith has been the first to fall in her defense. Nazir Grax fell in combat today against both the Talons of Tiamat and the treacherous Blue Shield mercenaries who once defended this city alongside him. Though his bravery and the unexpected aid of Lewyth Aedoc allowed our forces to carry the day, Nazir has fallen beyond our ability to restore him. I’m told his body will be taken to the Temple of Bahamut for cremation, as is the custom of those devoted to the Platinum Dragon. Though his sacrifice accomplished much, my mind is heavy with the knowledge that he will almost certainly not be the last soldier I will lose holding New Sandrith. I thought enough men and women had fallen in its taking two years ago, but it seems the gods have decreed that this city be the pivot on which Shadow’s fate turns.



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