Siege Campaign

Before We Get Started...

For DMly purposes, here’s a list of information I need regarding your character for Siege Campaign. This won’t be shared with other players, so don’t worry about showing your hand, so to speak. Send it to my email, facebook or OP mail account or just hand it to me in person.

Brief Physical Description: [Hair, eyes, height, weight, distinguishing features, etc.]
Weapon Proficiencies:
Non-weapon Proficiencies:
Remaining Gold:

Background/Backstory: [This doesn’t need to be particularly detailed; just a little information about where your character’s from and how they got here.]

Secret: [Each character needs a secret that the other PCs (and players) don’t know. It can be fairly inconsequential to the story (“I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die,” “I’m a man trying to pass as a woman”) or of great importance to the task at hand (“I’m actually just here to kill the mayor of New Sandrith”). This should not be shared with any of the other players, and with a little bit of creativity and a lot of secrecy, this stands to be lots of fun.]

Motivation: [Why is your character fighting for the dragonborn against the Empire?]

Party Formed and the Taking of Winterhaven
Days 1 - 4

From the diary of Esili

Day One

I arrived at the council meeting a little late and was seated between a large dragonborn and someone else I am sure was important but I cannot remember. Friday mimicked the various servants and seconds and stood behind me.
After a slow start reiterating that the Empire was coming to attack, the members of task force to which Friday and I were assigned was introduced: Tuuli a brilliant, white elementalist Viera, Nazir the Towering dragonborn next to whom I sat, Sami an Air-genasi, and a Kyton.
At first the council debated whether to hold Winterhaven or not. We then got into a debate on if the Empire was hostile, and if it were if we should fight. After a while of debating all these together, I advised that we attempt negotiations, and if those failed (as I already knew they would), we would slow them at Winterhaven then hold them at New Sandrith until reinforcements arrive.
With some debate, my idea was accepted although many council members seemed to not want to devote their resources to assisting us. My task force was asked to escort Council woman Shirish to the parley with the Empire’s forces and assist in defending Winterhaven.
We left right away after Friday got Tobias’ Hound. We arrived and informed the outpost leader that 25% of the city watch would be coming to bolster the fort. After talking, we set out to parley.
Sami had split from our party and flown on a pegasus and joined us a little after midday and pointed us toward the army. We made first contact with scouts at about dusk. They sent a man to get a commanding officer. The commanding officer was a well decorated man named Quinn who claimed to be the leader of the Imperial army. Whether he meant all of the army or only the part of it on Shadow, i am unsure. I tried to open negotiation – Shirish had frozen at the first sign of weapons -, but he was unbending in his insistence that Shadow was already part of the Empire. Funny, because I don’t remember them helping free the dragonborn from the cult of Setesh.
The “diplomatic” party let us go with our weapons, and we marched most of the night to get back to Winterhaven.
When back at Winterhaven Tuuli, Sami, and the Kyton went back to New Sandrith to inform the council to apprise them of the situation. Nazir, Friday and I stayed in Winterhaven to help prepare for the siege.

Day Two

This morning, Nazir led a few of the men in getting some logs to roll on the enemies when they approached. Due to the lack of man power we were only able to get three 15-foot logs. Later in the day, the rest of our party returned with bad news. We did not get reinforcements, and our garrison was going to be reduced to 20. I was displeased at this news, but being mad at Tuuli would not be any use. She then went to commune with the earth spirits to see what they could do to help.
The Kyton brought through some casks of gunpowder to blow up the outpost should we not hold it. Again, not my something I wanted to do, but others thought it necessary.
That night after a rather drab party, I went out to see if the enemy had any evil monsters or undead that they were using. I determined they did not.

As expected, the Kyton ate only meat at the party, showing himself to be a strict predator. I will have to keep my eyes on him.

Day Three

The morning was tense. We did our best to impede enemy movement and make it easy for us to get to the gazebo should we need to.
The enemy army came at midday and after only four minutes of fighting, their mages let loose a wall of magic missiles that nearly killed the majority of us. From what I’ve been told, those that did not go down carried the rest of us through the portal.
Those that were awake sought healing and reported the loss. The rest of us were taken wherever to be healed.
Our party getting healed was made difficult due to Elion Wyrmfang ordering those that knew about the impending siege to keep it quiet against the council’s orders. Apparently he has forgotten the importance of propaganda since the Liberation War.
Sami and Friday made a scene in the Temple of Bahamut because they refused to help heal her. I cannot say I blame her for her displeasure – an order founded on order and structure must also have a basis in loyalty – but she ought to have appealed the order before resorting to violence.

Day Four

The priest that healed me in the morning were talking about Sami’s outburst. I did my best to hold my tongue and not tell them that they acted as cads when they refused to help.
Friday came and told me that we were expected in the Council chamber for another planning session.
When we got there Sami seemed less upset, and Tuuli’s arms were stained brown. According to Nazir she spent the whole night meditating with her arms burred in the ground.
The council bade us go and find people to help defend from the siege – apparently we were then allowed to tell people about it. The representative of mages Illendra Shardfall was still not being cooperative.

Day 4, 6:00 AM - Day 5, 12:00 Midnight

From the journal of Elion Wyrmfang

Day Four

After our retreat from Winterhaven, my defense team was in somewhat dire need of healing. Esili especially had been terribly wounded, and it took some time to get them back on their feet again.

During the morning’s meetings, the most relevant subjects of discussion were the division of Imperial forces in the south, the approaching reinforcements in the north and the impending invasion of Aluren’s Crossing. After some discussion, the Council decided that evacuating Aluren’s Crossing took precedence over other actions, though I remain under the impression that Captain Iver has been conducting activities without the Council’s approval, hence his frequent silence during Council meetings where for the first few days there was only dissent.

And so Esili with the aid of Nazir and Friday convinced the people of Aluren’s Crossing to evacuate their town and make camp north along the river. Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, however, was their plan to have John remain in town overnight to destroy the bridge. In this way, we betrayed the dragonborn people. Slowing the enemy advance and disrupting their supply wagons was necessary, but I regret the manner in which it was accomplished. I must commend John’s bravery, however, as he was then forced to swim downriver until a skiff could safely retrieve him, allowing him to finally arrive back in New Sandrith late on day five. But I get ahead of myself.

After his part in leading the refugees north, Nazir worked tirelessly to provision the battlements with stones and rubble to cast down at our enemies when they arrive. The way in which he works, seemingly without sleep, never ceases to amaze me. It’s a shame the Blue Shield got to him before we did. He would have been an asset to our order.

Belen continued reporting to Sami about the movements of the Temple of Tiamat, and a few hours after midnight, she came to my door most unceremoniously to inform me that she’d taken a Talons of Tiamat operative hostage. Apparently she and Esili had conducted a midnight raid on a location south of the city that I’m told was once a temple of Setesh. Their activities were observed and aided by Tuuli who it appears is responsible in some way for the subsequent destruction of several of the temple’s walls. Needless to say, the structure is now quite unsafe.

Despite my concerns about the Talons of Tiamat still presumably camped in the south, the party was loathe to face them without John’s help, and so they divided to accomplish disparate tasks. Tuuli seems to have disappeared for a time, Sami took her pegasus friend for a flight around the city, Nazir continued his work on the walls and Esili and her golden eagle scouted the reinforcements in the north. What Esili found there is still unclear to me.

Upon her return, Esili gathered the rest of her force (excluding John, of course, as he was still traveling downriver) and took them and Captain Iver back to a fortress of some kind that she had found. Apparently it contains one of our silver gazebos along with some other fantastic artifacts of a magical nature. When they returned from the fortress, they reported that the northern reinforcements had been routed. There was also talk of a resurrecting fire genasi and crystals that act as some kind of spell cannon. We’ll have to bring those back to the city for testing and possible use in the city’s defense.

Also of note is the defection of the Blue Shield Mercenaries. Nazir tells me that the Empire has contracted the entire Blue Shield to aid them in their conquest of their region of space, though such widespread action is unlike the mercenary organization I believed the Blue Shield to be. Regardless, Tristan and his company have withdrawn from New Sandrith, leaving Nazir behind. Fearful of treachery, I checked with the dock clerks to confirm their departure. With so many ships leaving port now, it took some time to find. But finally I was able to confirm that they departed on the Claudia not long after Nazir reported their defection to me.

I must again commend the bravery of the team that Elspeth and I have assembled. They’ve dealt a tremendous blow to the Empire over the past two days. I’m currently awaiting a scouting report regarding the Empire’s movements in the south now that they’ve been unable to use the bridge at Aluren’s Crossing, likely forcing them to leave their supply wagons behind. The only way they could continue to move their full force toward New Sandrith is on the south bank of the river, which would force them to attack from the southern end of town, though that will allow our forces to concentrate their defense on only a small portion of the walls. Only time will tell.

Days 4 and 5

From the journal of Watch Captain Fynwick Iver

Day 4, 6:00 AM

We gathered for another Council meeting this morning. Mayor Darvil continued his policy of non-involvement, Kellar still wants us to roll over, Arn refuses to face reality, Shirish will do whatever Elspeth and Elion Wyrmfang‘s team tell her to, Illendra has no interest in the city’s well-being, and General Charack is being even more aggressive than usual. I’m doing what I can outside of the group, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough.

Day 4, 9:00 AM

I’m still keeping an eye on Elspeth’s team. I’m not sure I trust all of them. The Blue Shield mercenary may be dragonborn, but it’s hard to say where his loyalties lie now. John is a capable fighter and seems to be a soldier by profession, but my men report he brings an inordinate amount of supplies back to his room and makes frequent journeys out of municipal housing at night. I’ve had Themis try to break into his room to see what he’s hiding, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the Watch does not have access to Municipal Housing’s keys. Their viera is as opaque as others of her kind, though she seems to be gathering a lot of information around town. She may be harmless, but I can’t rule out that she may be a spy of some kind, sent to observe the changing political situation in New Sandrith. The Platinum Knights should be trustworthy, at least, though I’ve received reports that Wyrmfang has been in contact with members of the Sa’Kage syndicate.

Day 4, noon

Aluren’s Crossing is to be evacuated and all of its people sent north to camp along the river. John will stay behind and destroy the bridge as the Empire crosses, costing them many lives if their scouts don’t discover his plan. Cold but pragmatic, that one.

Day 4. 9:00 PM

I’ve just returned from reviewing the Watch. The militia’s training is proceeding well, and I’m pleased to have Oswin and the garrison of Winterhaven back under my command. Kemmler has proved himself invaluable in his training of the magekillers, but I wish I had more time to train them.

Day 5, 8:00 AM

In a midnight raid, the Platinum Knights exposed and defeated some Talons of Tiamat operatives south of the city. I have to admit a grudging level of respect for that pair, and it seems their viera friend, too.

Day 5, 1:00 PM

While waiting for John’s return or word from our scouts near Aluren’s Crossing, I’ve decided to accompany Elion’s team to a fortress of sorts they’ve discovered. As it contains one of the silver gazebos, we have to assume it was built by the same civilization that settled the lands around our city. They intend to launch an offensive against the canyon reinforcements from this location tomorrow, and I’d like to review the location for myself.

Day 5, 9:00 PM

No strategy survives contact with the enemy, and this one was no different. While I explored the ruins of a fortress carved into a mountain, Elspeth’s viera apparently rained down spells on the Imperial forces and destroyed many of them. From there, Esili convinced the rest of them to retreat the way they came. Their general seems to have been some trouble, but stories of his deathless nature seem exaggerated. At any rate, they succeeded, and the Empire has been dealt a tremendous blow. I look forward to hearing John’s report in the morning, as he has arrived in New Sandrith ahead of our scouts.

Day 6

From the Journal of Elion Wyrmfang

At this morning’s Defense Council meeting, John reported that the Imperial troops were most adversely affected by his destruction of the bridge at Aluren’s Crossing. Not only will it stop them from moving their supply wagons and any siege weapons they possess north of the river, but he believes many of their troops were on the bridge when he detonated it. Though no bodies have been found in the river or bay thus far, it is possible that the stone bridge created a blockade upriver that prevents anything as large as a man from floating as far as New Sandrith. I look forward to hearing from Captain Iver’s scouts when they return today with a new figure regarding the number and disposition of the Imperial forces.

Also of importance were the magnifying crystals that Tuuli used to such effect in the rout of the canyon reinforcements. In a manner that was not fully disclosed to me and involved no fewer than 15 members of the Watch storming Acaelus‘s house, Elspeth’s and my team was able to acquire the aid of the Wizards of the Coast in procuring the spell crystal. Their aid will be valuable in many more aspects of the city’s defense, and however their help was acquired, I couldn’t be happier to finally have them on board.

Our victories have not been without cost, however. A native son of New Sandrith has been the first to fall in her defense. Nazir Grax fell in combat today against both the Talons of Tiamat and the treacherous Blue Shield mercenaries who once defended this city alongside him. Though his bravery and the unexpected aid of Lewyth Aedoc allowed our forces to carry the day, Nazir has fallen beyond our ability to restore him. I’m told his body will be taken to the Temple of Bahamut for cremation, as is the custom of those devoted to the Platinum Dragon. Though his sacrifice accomplished much, my mind is heavy with the knowledge that he will almost certainly not be the last soldier I will lose holding New Sandrith. I thought enough men and women had fallen in its taking two years ago, but it seems the gods have decreed that this city be the pivot on which Shadow’s fate turns.

A Day of Prayer and a Day of Fighting
days 6 and 7

Day 6

I fear I may have caused harm where I meant none. I spent the whole day praying, fasting, and preaching. I reminded the people that Bahamut is with us, and that we were the force he would use to bring about victory over the Empire. Though I spent the day looking for an answer from Bahamut, I did not receive one. I think I now know why.

At some point in the afternoon, Friday came to me and asked if I would come with them to fight a remnant of the Talons of Tiamat. I told him to go and that I was spending the day in prayer. Perhaps by his unchanging will or directly because I did not go, Nazir died. I spent the whole day seeking a word from Behamut for myself and seem to have missed the words meant for me.

The man who killed Nazir (apparently his former commander) is being held by the city guard. I’ll have to remember to ask Captain Iver if he would like my help interrogating him.

Day 7

Nazir’s body disappeared last night. Friday fell asleep outside the temple and tells me that the body was not removed. Though being as he is such a deep sleeper, it might have happened.

Somehow the Empire got through the gazebo and took possession of the watch tower in the north. Sami landed on top of the tower and protected the bellmen while Friday, Gorrin, Tuuli, Lewyth, the Kyton and I went in the bottom. The forces were easily defeated save for the one who is not…called himself “The Thrice Risen.”

I feel I may be slipping into a leadership role; I’ll have to apologize to Sami.
I am still unsure about the Kyton but ….I am growing to understand him.
Gorrin is in it for himself, and once this is over I fear what will happen with him. Deputy Mayor Elspeth may trust him, but I am sure he is wrong to do so.

Tuuli defeated “The Thrice Risen” in a way I will never fully understand. I tapped into…. I am sure I will be punished for it.

Adannaya's Journal
Where I've been

Local Date: Day One

I love it here! It’s weird, like I’ve finally come home. The people in Shadow Proper have been so wonderful, welcoming and so intelligent. There is so much to learn here that I feel like I’ll never have enough time to explore. I’ve rented a room with a great view of the plaza and I’m hoping to make this a more permanent base. It’ll be nice to have somewhere that’s home.

There have been some troubling rumors in the markets, though, about the Empire coming here. These people have lived through enough war and death for lifetimes and are just starting to rebuild their own place. If I can help them keep their freedom and build some kind of peace, I’ll do anything I can.

Local Date: Day Seven

Finally, I am here. I’m glad I have some good news for the people hiding out here. The stream of refugees trying to escape New Sandrith is intimidating, but better to get them out than leave them for the Empire to squish. The Empire. HAH. These conquest-driven limpwits wouldn’t know a decently run empire if it taxed them. They may know how to bully a population, but they can’t foster the things that are important. They’re spreading themselves too thin and stepping on too many people to maintain their grip and that’s only going to get worse.

Especially if I have anything to say about it.

I need to coordinate with the defense forces. I know I can do some good here and I can hardly wait to get started. This is the kind of thing I live for.

Hachiman bless my swords!

Naya's Journal
Day Eight

I hit the deck running today. Right off the ship and into the council chambers. General Charack’s message was received with confusion, since apparently they’ve had an imposter posing as the man for several months. There was also discussion with one of their council members—who is apparently a known criminal—about bringing in a member of the criminal underworld. Understandably, Captain Iver is greatly against this. I’m not 100% on the idea myself, even after the meeting with this character. He seems like he’s mostly just using us to further his own gains, but I can’t argue that he’s got access to something we need to protect the city: access to the outside in a clandestine manner.

This council is a weird group. And that’s saying something, considering the groups I’m used to working with. They’ve got a hot-headed genasi, a really tiny tiefling (who I’m totally okay with; I’m more likely to trust her than…pretty much anyone else), a known gang leader, a wizard and…oh, right, a freakin’ KYTON. I really don’t know who thought this was a good idea for maintaining the defense of the city, but I can’t see it ending terribly well. If they don’t trust me, I don’t blame them. The infighting in this group is epic and I’ll admit that I’m not helping much. I’m torn between trying to maintain order and some semblance of political balance and wanting to poke the genasi to see her puff up like a pretty little toad.

We decided to meet with Gorrin’s mob boss, Caerwyn. He’s a drow with understandably refined tastes. Everyone was expecting a trap, even me, but I figured that the best way to deal with someone unpredictable was to fall back on ceremony. I stuck to proper etiquette and he seemed to respond in kind. The wine wasn’t poisoned, but it was way too fruity for my tastes. I haven’t seen good sake since I was home last and, honestly, I kind of miss it. He seems like the kind of criminal who’s looking out for his own best interests, which definitely don’t include letting the Empire walk all over Shadow. I don’t trust him to be a good man, but I suspect he’ll be a man of his word, especially if we treat him with respect and fulfill our end of the bargain.

After our meeting with Caerwyn, we spent some time doing our own thing. I worked out for a while and noticed that Iver seems to be up to something. There was a lot of training happening there with a very specific group wearing a different shield sigil from the town watch. I wonder what’s going on and I have to admit that I’m a little bit worried. The infighting isn’t going to stop and he seems to be part of it.

We got back together later and split into groups to follow some leads on our new target, a man by the name of Kleran who seems to be trying to undermine Caerwyn’s authority. I teamed up with Gorrin, who basically just walked all over a locked door to speak with a drug dealer like it was nothing. He hadn’t seen Kleran recently, but said he’d been down to a nearby brothel in the company of one of their bouncers. We stopped by to talk with her (a tiefling with very notable horns) and she said the slug’s been to the temple of Tiamat. This is really not good. I want to get together with everyone else before we make a move on that place and compare notes on what the others found.

((Notes Adannaya wouldn’t know: Kleran’s been paying for everything in uncut gems and making a lot of high-ticket purchases, including brand new armor. There’s a lot of money coming from somewhere and it’s worth considering who he’s working for and why they don’t want their presence to be easily traceable. The Empire obviously can’t pay him in Imperial coinage, so uncut gems seem like a pretty good option. But what’s he been doing for them? And how will that affect the security of the city? It’s possible they already know about the tunnels we’re paying Kleran’s life to gain access to, which could be a problem when we go to use them.))

Day 8
Lunch to the Evening

I gathered my “allies” to the municipal housing. Arn Foehammer, (the Representatives of the Priests), Lewyth, Saamiyah, Viga Gorrin, Esili, Oswin (Captain of the Winterhold Guards), and Naya. I had not intended to invite Naya, but as she was with our party. I figured this best plan was to have her come along so she would be on the same page. I invited Oswin because I needed someone to take command of the guards after we routed the evil in the ranks. when every one arrived I told them about the intercepted assassination order aimed at Arn Foehammer. I then showed them written evidence of Finwick Iver’s involvement as an imperial spy. I told them I picked up the fist note as if to read another’s prayer, but this was of course the shallowest lie i could have told. Yes, the location of acquisition was the same as reality, the base of the Statue of Bahomit, but I could not tell them of my informant. I could not let her be discovered for fear of one of the present reporting to her to Iver. Oswin and Esili refused to even consider Iver as a spy. Saamiyah, Lewyth and Naya were willing to consider it with more evidence. Viga Gorrin did not side with one side or another, hopefully this means he has an open mind. Oswin refuted my evidence as meaningless and Esili claimed it could have just been a prayer. I realize I set myself up for that, but that is how it must remain. Arn offered to have his men look after Iver. the party accepted this offer. I entreated Oswin and Esili not to tip off Iver, I hope they don’t. We moved on to other business.
We now seem to be hunting down one criminal for another criminal. I admit secret access to the outside would be good, but consolidating the underworld in the possess does not seem good. Saamiyah and I were sent to the crafter’s district to speak with a weapon salesmen that our target had done bossiness with. with a little bit of flirting Saamiyah found out that our target had been their and that he bought a very expensive sword. Using the chain of a Nunchaku, I looked back to see our target, a very human Half-orc. He was buying a sword with an eye shaped gem in the handle. I also saw he was wearing very nice armor made from a somewhat familiar “animal” hide. Saamiyah and I took our information and returned to the municipal housing to meet with the others.

Matthew’s conceptualizations about the case thus far:
Kleran has had a windfall from the Temple of Tiamat. (Uncut gems are a very Draconic currency). Tiamat being a dragon goddess would likely have any of these in her coffers. They are possibly working with the empire to destabilize the city from inside. The sword and the Summoning Circle both indicate lower planer involvement. Though the Circle’s silver outline could be any lower plane, the eye gem on the sword suggest Baator or Carceri. As the funds are likely coming from Tiamat, and Tiamat makes her lair on the fist layer of Baator, then Baator seems the more likely choice. As to what was summoned, I don’t know. Given the nature of the sword it is probably a large humanoid fiend of a big Proxy of Tiamat or Set. As it has already been summoned it has to be a being that can blind in or that they can hide easily.
All of the lesser and least Baatazu are too weak to be of any use to the unrest of the city. An erinyes would be the only useful Lesser Baatezu, and it is possible that the false Charack was one of this kind. If a sufficient hide out was found than any of the greater Baatazu would be possible. Given the greater fiends’ gating powers, one that has been in the city for the last seven days could have a sizable army. The second to worst case scenario is that a Pit Fiend has been brought it. the fire damage to the Summoning Circle gives credence to this theory. The sword stands against this as pit fiends do not normally use swords. If the pit fiend was summoned, then most of us will likely die. The worst possible scenario is if a named Baatazu was called. If that is the case than we WILL all die. If it is however a Proxy of either god, then it will be much easier. The Proxy will be quite strong, but an organized attack will finish him. this is evidanced in that Lycom Ed Ese, son of Dio Med Ese, killed a proxy almost single-handedly at 5th lvl. regardless of the threat I expect our party to overcome the threat, as long as we stick together and stay sharp

Naya's Journal 2
Day Eight - Evening

So, tracking down Khleran wasn’t exactly an easy proposal. The bouncer at the brothel lied to us about his being at the temple of Tiamat, but she also lied about it to a really haughty piece of work from Sigil. If I’d been thinking about it, I should have given him Saamiyah’s room number. They would have gotten along well.

After some gently-applied force, the liar gave up the actual location of our target and Lewyth and I went to join Saamiyah and John at Burke’s pawn shop. We didn’t find them at first, so Lewyth went around the back and I went in to talk to Burke. He didn’t respond well to my innocent routine (why does no one believe me when I try to play innocent?), so I tried to kick my way into his back room. Around the time I managed to bounce myself through his door, he tried to get out the back and John knocked him out and tied him up. We found a trap door and went down, leaving a message in chalk for Esili so she could follow us, whenever she caught up.

We found a set of tunnels that seem to run all under the city, including one that leads outside the wall. We also found Khleran and his cronies, who weren’t as harmless or as dragonborn as they seemed at first. He had four barbazu! It was the kind of battle that was both terrifying and exhilarating, especially once I realized what we were fighting against. Hachiman guided my swords well, though we came close to losing John and Lewyth spent most of his time running interference (and in circles around the room). We had sent Saamiyah out to get help earlier, which was really a mistake. She’s full of herself, but she’s no slouch in a fight and we could have used her help. Esili eventually did show up, just in time to see a true blessing of Hachiman.

A true blessing. He couldn’t stay, though.

So, now it’s clean-up time. And then, out to meet the enemy. We will smite them where they stand!


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