Blue Shield Arena Teams

The Replacements (lv.5)

Originally a unit that would hire out onto other teams as ringers, the Blue Shield unit assigned to the Coliseum decided to form their own team to test themselves in battle. The unit has undergone some changes since then, and the lowest tier is now used largely to test recruits who have served their year in a larger unit but who might still be a liability in life-or-death combat.

Tharieg Gauleath’kon of the Blue Shield, Unit Captain: An unusual member even of the diverse ranks of the Blue Shield, Gauleath joined the mercenary company after a war band he led was defeated by a Blue Shield unit he had previously thought inferior to his own force. When defeat was imminent, Gauleath laid down his weapons and sought membership with the mercenary company that had bested him. While they have no rules against hobgoblins joining their organization, the Blue Shield is loathe to trust Gauleath. After his year of service in a unit and the presentation of his emblem, Gauleath was sent to the arena on Ares to serve as commander of his own unit in a low-risk environment. Though aware of the nature of his assignment and frustrated by the lack of opportunity to use his aptitude for large-scale strategy, Gauleath leads his unit with pride in the hope that he will one day prove himself to the Blue Shield.

Gauleath lv.5 hobgoblin ronin LN (Nomog-Geaya)

Str. 18/12 Dex. 16 Con. 15 Int. 15 Wis. 13 Cha. 11

AC: 2 (-6 armour, -2 dex)
HP: 30
Thaco: 16+1(15 daikyu)+1+1+2(12 katana)
Shock Katana+2: 3/2; 2d6+2+2+3[with 1d6 electrical damage]
Daikyu: 2/1; 1d8+3
[Kiai adds 2 to hit with katana and 3 to damage]
Banded Armour
Amulet of Free Movement

Weapon Proficiencies: Katana (SP), Daikyu (SP), Two-handed Style Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Etiquette, Riding (land-based), Iai-jutsu, Military History, Alertness, Literacy, Blind-Fighting, Bowyer/Fletcher

Dexion lv.5 human priest LN (Heironeous)

Str. 17 Dex. 12 Con. 16 Int. 8 Wis. 15 Cha. 12

AC: 3 (-1 shield, -5 armour, -1 specialization)
HP: 29
Thaco: 18+1(17)
Horseman’s Mace: 1; 1d6+2
Medium Shield
Chain Mail
Ring of Regeneration

Weapon Proficiencies: Horseman’s Mace, Weapon and Shield Style Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Riding (land-based), Literacy, Spellcraft, Healing

Spells: 1st: CLW x3, Command x2
2nd: Aid x2, Hold Person x2
3rd: Prayer

Cyrric Velandor: The most senior member of the first tier of the Blue Shield’s Ares Coliseum presence, Cyrric was assigned primarily to gauge the loyalty and usefulness of Gauleath and Evicus. Though she resents especially being placed under the command of a hobgoblin, Cyrric takes comfort in her unofficial position evaluating two potential problem recruits.

Cyrric lv.5 elf archer

Str. 16 Dex. 18 Con. 11 Int. 11 Wis. 14 Cha. 16

AC: 3 (-3 armour, -4 dex)
HP: 26
Thaco: 16(sword)+2+1(13 bow)
Longbow+1: 5/2(3/1 if standing still); 1d8+1+1+1
Short Sword: 1; 1d6+1
Studded Leather Armour

Weapon Proficiencies: Longbow (SP), Short Sword, Missile Style Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Boyer/Fletcher, Hunting, Animal Lore, Endurance, Quickness, Steady Hand

Sven Thorsten lv.5 human fighter CG (Talos)

Str. 18/20 Dex. 14 Con. 14 Int. 13 Wis. 11 Cha. 14

AC: 4 (-6 armour)
HP: 29
Thaco: 16(bow)+1+1(14 axe)
Hand Axe(x2): 3/2; 1d6+3+2
Short Bow: 2/1; 1d6+3
Young Black Dragonscale Armour

Weapon Proficiencies: Hand Axe (SP), Two-Weapon Style Specialization, Short Bow, Ambidexterity

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Armourer, Tracking, Survival, Iai-jutsu

Evicus lv.5 fire genasi elemental fire specialist LE (Vraekor)

Str. 12 Dex. 17 Con. 10 Int. 18 Wis. 9 Cha. 14

AC: 3 (-4 ring, -3 dex)
HP: 15
Thaco: 19-5 (24)
Dagger: 1; 1d4
Ring of Protection+4

Weapon Proficiencies: One-handed Style Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Concentration, Herbalism, Literacy, Bookbinding, Tactics of Magic, Thaumaturgy, Spellcraft, Alchemy, Arcanology

Spells: 1st: Burning Hands x2, Flamespin x2,
2nd: Flaming Sphere x2, Circle of Flame
3rd: Fireball, Melf’s Minute Meteors

Strategy: Battle usually opens with Cyrric taking advantage of her Quickness proficiency and high rate of fire to assault spellcasters. Sven and Gauleath typically use their first round to fire arrows at vulnerable units before switching to close-range tactics in the second round when they can benefit from additional attacks. Gauleath always uses his Kiai ability to bring his strength to 18/00 during any round in which he engages in melee combat. Dexion usually casts Prayer in the first round to buff his allies and continues by casting Command and Hold Person in subsequent rounds. Evicus, not really much of a team player, protects himself from physical attacks with Circle of Flame before following up with long-range fire spells. His favourite targets are priests, though a fellow genasi will always incur his wrath first.

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Mercenary Motivations (lv.10)

Long before her arrival on Ares, Frimelda Lotis had made a name for herself even among the Blue Shield for being uncommonly mercenary. Over time, this drew others of like mind to her team, creating one of the Blue Shield’s most profitable units. They’ve put in for a time at the Coliseum, acquiring gold there when they can and hiring out as the opportunity presents itself. Most of them are enjoying the atmosphere of the moon enough that they may remain for some time to come.

Frimelda Lotis: While most of her family serves Pelor as either clerics or paladins, Frimelda chose a more mercenary path. She still venerates her family deity and seeks to help people when she can, but her first loyalty is to the Blue Shield and the gold it makes her. For now, that has led Frimelda to the arena on Ares as the leader of one of the Blue Shield’s teams.

Frimelda lv.10 fighter NG (Pelor)

Str. 17 Dex. 16 Con. 11 Int. 12 Wis. 13 Cha. 17

AC: -1{-9} (-1 dex, -10 armour, {-8 swords})
HP: 58
Thaco: 11+1+1{+4}(9){5}
Defender+4: 2/1; 1d8+1+2{+4}
Field Plate+2

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (SP), Two-weapon Style Specialization, Ambidexterity

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Riding (land-based), Literacy, Artistic Ability (painting), Ambush, Blind-Fighting, Leadership, Weapon Improvisation, Religion

Tomerj: When his primitive tribe of wemics was in danger of being wiped out by their more advanced human neighbours, Tomerj was called upon to venture across the continent to secure the aid of the Blue Shield. He had no wealth to speak of, but in a somewhat uncharacteristic moment of charity, Frimelda took pity on the wemics’ plight and led her unit on a speculative venture to drive back the overly aggressive humans. While the venture was a loss for the Blue Shield, Tomerj felt indebted to Frimelda and joined the Blue Shield to repay her. He has followed her longer than any other member of her team and seems to not be keeping track of when his debt of honour might be paid off.

Tomerj lv.10 wemic fighter NG (Ehlonna)

Str. 18/08(20) Dex. 12 Con. 14 Int. 12 Wis. 13 Cha. 12

AC: 4 (-2 shield, -4 natural)
HP: 77
Thaco: 11+3(8 claw)+1+1+3(6 spear)
Claw(x2): 1; 1d4+8
Javelin: 2/1; 1d6+8
Short Spear: 2/1; 1d6+1+8
Medium Shield+1
Girdle of (Stone) Giant Strength

Weapon Proficiencies: Short Spear (SP), Javelin (SP), Weapon and Shield Style Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Tracking, Blind-Fighting, Running, Endurance, Hunting, Set Snares, Foraging, Animal Handling

Fizeldus Gizzlespout: A legendary and reclusive illusionist (according to himself), Fizeldus has long been a vital member of Frimelda’s Blue Shield unit. She values him for his aptitude with invisibility magic especially, and he fights mostly just for the companionship. The low-risk environment of the arena suits him perfectly, as does the bustle of the moon in general. He’s even rented an appropriately small tower from which he looks down on the rest of the city during his brief periods of actual reclusiveness.

Fizeldus lv.10 gnome illusionist N (Baravar Cloakshadow)

Str. 12 Dex. 16 Con. 13 Int. 17 Wis. 14 Cha. 13

AC: 8 (-2 dex)
HP: 36
Thaco: 17

Weapon Proficiencies: None

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Spellcraft, Hiding, Tactics of Magic, Thaumaturgy, Alchemy, Quickness, Arcanology, Literacy, Appraising, Cartography, Research, Concentration

Spells:1st: Magic Missile x4
2nd: Invisibility x2, Improved Phantasmal Force x2, Blindness
3rd: Slow x3, Fireball, Melf’s Minute Meteors
4th: Improved Invisibility x2, Fear
5th: Advanced Illusion x3

Caelnan Elendril: After finding life in a drow military unit too restricting, Caelnan needed another outlet for his talents. And to keep him clear of the consequences of any ill will his erstwhile Imperial comrades might harbour for him, he needed reasonably competent companions. Frimelda provided him with both. Though he’s still serving his apprenticeship year, he’s already become a valuable member of the team, backing up the party with both debilitating and destructive magics.

Caelnan lv.10 drow mage NE (Agnostic)

Str. 15 Dex. 17 Con. 13 Int. 18 Wis. 13 Cha. 10

AC: 2 (-3 dex, -5 armour)
MR: 70%
HP: 27
Thaco: 17+2
Short Bow+2: 2/1; 1d6
Robes of Protection +5
Ring of Underdark Radiation

Weapon Proficiencies: Short Bow, Missile Style Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Thaumaturgy, Sage Knowledge (mathematics), Tactics of Magic, Research, Quickness, Literacy, Spellcraft, Arcanology, Dirty Fighting, Musical Instrument (drums)

Spells: 1st: Magic Missile x4
2nd: Melf’s Acid Arrow x2, Blindness x2
3rd: Slow x2, Fireball
4th: Globe of Invulnerability, Stoneskin
5th: Wall of Stone, Summon Shadows

Luc Sardac: Luc was once a paladin of Heironeous but lost his god’s favour when his envy of a more skilled member of his order led him to to betray his comrade. Though he spent the next two years trying to atone for his shortcoming, he never regained Heironeous’s regard. Still skilled in combat but without direction, Luc sought companionship in the Blue Shield and was chosen by Frimelda to provide ranged support for her unit. He still carries his Holy Avenger, though he is no longer capable of wielding it to full effect and has come to prefer the bow.

Luc lv.10 human fighter LG (Heironeous)

Str. 15 Dex. 16 Con. 14 Int. 14 Wis. 14 Cha. 17

AC: -1 (-2 dex, -9 armour)
HP: 71
Thaco: 11+3+1
Short Bow+3: 2/1; 1d6+3
Holy Avenger+5: 0; 0
Plate Mail+2

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (SP), Weapon and Shield Style Specialization, Short Bow (SP)

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Riding (land-based), Religion, Law, Oratory, Diplomacy, Poetry, Swimming

Gabriel: Gabriel is the self-appointed shepherd of Frimelda’s somewhat ragtag flock. His combat contributions are minimal at times, not really fitting into the party’s strategy. He mostly acts as a combat clinic after matches, though his physical prowess sometimes surprises opponents who expect an easy target in the priest.

Gabriel lv.10 aasimar cleric LG Pelor

Str. 17 Dex. 13 Con. 11 Int. 12 Wis. 16 Cha. 13

AC: -2 (-4 shield, -8 armour)
HP: 55
Thaco: 14+1(13)
Footman’s Mace: 1; 1d6+2
Medium Shield
Plate Armour+1

Weapon Proficiencies: Mace, Weapon and Shield Style Specialization, Shield Specialization

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Religion, Healing, Herbalism, Planar Knowledge (Mount Celestia), Musical Instrument (lyre), Military History

Spells: 1st: Orisons, CLW x6
2nd: Silence 15’ Radius x2, CMW x4
3rd: Prayer, Protection from Fire, Dispel Magic
4th: CSW x2, Free Action
5th: CCW, True Seeing

Strategy: Battle opens with Fizeldus and Caelnan using Quickness to try to better their initiative. Fizeldus always turns himself invisible in the first round and then does the same for Caelnan in the second round. Caelnan protects as much of the party as he can with a Wall of Stone before buffing himself with Stoneskin and Globe of Invulnerability. He then casts Summon Shadows. Frimelda and Tomerj wade into battle as soon as the Wall of Stone is breached (or when their enemies are too close for the wall to be cast). Frimelda always uses the bonuses from her swords for defense to act as a damage magnet for the rest of the party. Tomerj berserks with claws and a spear until his hit points are depleted, while Luc stays at a distance and employs his bow, giving preference to spellcasting units. Gabriel buffs the party with Prayer and often casts Protection Against Fire on Frimelda to compensate for her poor magical defense. He also uses Free Action, Dispel Magic and True Seeing as necessity dictates, though he may also try to cast Silence on spellcasters, especially mages. The two wizards move a little every round while casting debilitating spells and looking for opportunities to unleash a Fireball. Should they outnumber their opponents, Caelnan and Fizeldus will unleash volleys of Magic Missile to defeat any remaining opponents whose AC or spell resistance has kept them in play that long. Frimelda will often switch her swords from defense to attack at the end of a battle to clean up remaining opponents, provided she hasn’t sustained too much damage.

Blue Shield Arena Teams

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