Blue Shield Mercenary

The Blue Shield is a mercenary unit that operates throughout much of space. While their primary base of operations is located on Angie’s Sigil, they have members strewn across most spelljamming planets. The organization only rarely acts en masse, preferring to allow each of its individual members or units a high level of autonomy while keeping only a few specialist officers on hand to deal with the organization’s larger interests. It is rumoured that the Blue Shield maintains a spelljammer armada, though the existence of this force has never been proven.

Requirements: Blue Shield Mercenaries must have at least three experience levels and cannot be paladins, rangers, druids or barbarians. Clerics must be devoted to a power of war or combat. They must also have provided the Blue Shield with credible client testimony demonstrating their trustworthiness and then serve no less than a year with a Blue Sheild company before being certified as a member of the Blue Shield and given their signature emblem. They may also have another kit, provided that kit is congruent with the Blue Shield’s interests (DM’s discretion).

Role: Each member of the Blue Shield carries with them a mildly enchanted emblem signifying their membership in the order. This emblem usually takes the form of a hand-sized enameled shield and serves to provide the mercenary in question with much greater credibility than other mercenaries enjoy, provided he is on a planet familiar with the organization. Such members must have proven themselves to the organization’s admissions committee and must now abide by the regulations and ethical code of the Blue Shield. As such, Blue Shield mercenaries in a campaign must take care to never accept work that conflicts with the Blue Shield’s existing obligations and must adhere strictly to the terms of their employer’s contract. They will almost always be found serving interests other than their own and are practically never adventurers.

Weapon Proficiencies: Weapon proficiencies may be taken by class with no other restrictions or bonuses.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Literacy. Recommended: Varies by character

Equipment: Varies by class and character.

Special Benefits: Blue Shield mercenaries are known and trusted throughout many planets and as such enjoy both higher pay and more work than independent mercenaries. At 5th level and beyond, a Blue Shield mercenary my apply for a promotion from the organization. If the organization finds their competence, judgement and work ethic sufficient, then a promotion may be issued, granting the member both greater prestige (and likely higher pay) and the opportunity to commandeer a number of unattatched rank-and-file Blue Shield mercenaries operating in the area as detailed on the table below.

Blue Shield Mercenary Ranks

LevelPotential RankMaximum Number of Subordinates
15General25 or as per assignment

Also, a current Blue Shield emblem provides access to any Blue Shield lodge, special inns maintained by the organization for its members. Most cities with spelljamming access contain a lodge, and lodges in larger cities are usually staffed by at least one cook and a lodge clerk.

Special Hindrances: As members of a larger organization, these characters are always subject to the rules of their order. They must always seek to acquire and fulfill contracts, make reasonable attempts to ensure that a pending contract does not conflict with the contracts of other Blue Shield mercenaries and be ready to serve in larger military action on the behalf of the Blue Shield, should such action be required. Once per (earth) year, each member must check in with Blue Shield headquarters or a lodge clerk to report all jobs undertaken, account for expenses and income and pay 15% of said income to the Blue Shield. If the mercenary in question operates out of Angie’s Sigil or a city large enough to warrant its own lodge clerk, then these check-ins must be made at the origination and fulfillment of every contract.

Wealth Options: If a character is generated as a Blue Shield mercenary, then they roll their starting gold per class, per level and multiply by two to reflect the high rate of pay enjoyed by the Blue Shield.

Races: Though primarily human, any demi-human and most humanoid races could find a place in the Blue Shield’s organization

Blue Shield Mercenary

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