Character Creation

Character for this campaign may be chosen from a list of pre-generated options, recycled from the Aoteroan campaign, recycled from another closed campaign (with specific approval) or created from scratch according to the campaign-specific rules.

List of Pre-gens – Characters written by the DM for player use or, failing that, use as NPCs during the campaign. If you’re interested in playing one, please choose no more than two, and I’ll send you their stats and equipment lists so that you may make a more informed decision.

Recycling PCs – This will require a bit of backstory work, but familiar PCs can be a tremendous boon in a new setting. Those above level 7 will be asked to reduce their level to 7, and those of lower level will receive automatic advancement to level 6. With very few exceptions, the PC’s equipment from their previous campaign may be ported to this game.

Creating a New Character – Stats will be rolled using “Linn’s Method” (4d6, re-roll 1’s, discard lowest). One roll per player, please.
Acceptable races include humans, dwarves (hill), gnomes (tinker), halflings, dragonborn, half-elves, half-orcs, bauriar, aasimar, tieflings, genasi (air, earth), felidean, voadkyn and viera.
All new characters receive 40,000 experience points (no bonuses for exceptional ability scores are assessed before the beginning of play). Multi- and dual-classing is not only allowed but encouraged, though ability score requirements must still be met. While multi-classed characters must divide experience evenly among classes, dual-classed characters may divide experience among classes however they wish. Characters receive additional proficiencies according to level.
To determine how much starting gold your character receives, use the starting gold table in the Player’s Handbook for your appropriate class and then multiply that number by your level. If you have multiple classes, then follow the above steps for each class and total the starting gold acquired for each.
Characters who are considered “local” will have some local knowledge advantages over recent arrivals. This distinction will mostly be determined by backstory, though races allowed local knowledge are limited to dragonborn, human, halfling and gnome. Voadkyn, though native to the planet, will have little knowledge of recent events specific to New Sandrith. All others will be considered recent arrivals to the planet.
A Religion should also be chosen. Bonuses and restrictions are assessed according to religion (or lack thereof), so choose wisely.
Finally, I’d like every player to choose a secret for their character: something the character (and player) will try to keep from the other characters and players. This can be anything from being a wanted fugitive to having a drug addiction to being of a different race than the character appears to be.

EDIT: Literacy in one’s spoken languages is now a free proficiency for characters from reasonably advanced societies.

EDIT: Arcane spell casters gain additional spells per day for high Intelligence at the same rate listed for the high Wisdom of divine spell casters.

Character Creation

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