Fewer in number than red mages, elementalists are the magical specialists of viera society. Their spells utilize the powers of the four elements: wind, water, fire, and earth. They are likely to dress in natural colours or motifs that represent their affinity for the elements and paint tribal designs into their fur. Like red mages, elementalists have a set Elementalist Magic spells that belong specifically to them in addition to being able to learn wizard spells of appropriate level that draw from any of the four elements (as per Tome of Magic). If the viera was previously a red mage, she may copy to her new spellbook any elementally-based spells from her old spellbook.
Viera wishing to be elementalists must have an elementalist instructor to study under and from whom they must acquire a spellbook of elementalist spells.

Requirements: Viera only. Elementalists must have a minimum dexterity score of 12 and intelligence of 13 or greater. A viera wishing to be an elementalist must also have achieved level 4/3 as a fighter/mage before taking this kit and be able to study with a viera elementalist.

Role: Though not as iconic as red mages, elementalists are revered among the viera as the epitome of magical prowess. Many red mages consider their ultimate goal to be becoming an elementalist. They frequently serve as oracles among their people and are usually the ones chosen to perform agricultural ceremonies if no appropriate priest is to be found.
Society at large, however, draws less of a distinction between the two. Though their spells are more subtle than those of a red mage, elementalists fit the same niche in combat and adventuring parties. Flowing seamlessly between delicate incantations and fearsome swordplay, elementalists fit whatever role a battle requires of them.

Weapon Proficiencies: In order to become an elementalist, a viera must already have a proficiency in either rapier or sabre. The remainder of their proficiency slots may be spent however they please.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Tumbling. Recommended: Spellcraft, thaumaturgy, jumping, running

Equipment: Elementalists are subject to both mage and viera armour restrictions.

Special Benefits: Elementalists receive instructions for elementalist-specific spells upon their attainment of their kit. This tome is carried in addition to their personal spellbook and may be copied from as spell levels allow. When using a rapier or sabre, elementalists gain a +1 to hit and -1 to AC at level 3 (fighter). This bonus increases to +1/-2 at level 6 and +2/-3 at level 9. This benefit supercedes any benefits a viera may have enjoyed as a red mage.

Special Hindrances: Elementalists must always keep one hand free for somatic spell components, forbidding them the use of a shield or a second weapon.

Wealth Options: 4d4x5 per level, as Elementalist is not an option for characters created at level 1.


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