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Welcome to the wiki for the Siege Campaign! This will be a one-shot campaign taking place over 10 days of in-game time in which the PCs will attempt to prepare for and withstand the coming siege until reinforcements can arrive to drive away the enemy forces. In this wiki, you should find all of the information you need regarding the setting in addition to the rules required to create or choose a character appropriate for the campaign. The wiki will also include bits of information from the Aoteroa campaign relevant to this venture. Enjoy!

The Setting – This entry describes the planet of Shadow and the events leading up to the campaign.

Character Creation – The nitty-gritty of character creation and optional rules regarding this campaign.

Cities – The population centers relevant to the campaign.

Races – A description of player character races whose parameters cannot be found in 2e material.

Kits – Kits I’ve written for either this or other campaigns.

Proficiencies – Adjusted or new proficiencies available to players of this campaign.

Main Page

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